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This is the story of two brothers who left Lebanon in the 1930s to make Colombia their homeland, their families' home, the satage for their efforts and the foundation for their future. It is the journey through three continents, cities and ports in Asia, Europe, and America, and endless days crossing oceans, mountain rangers and tropical jungles until arriving in a small town in northern Colombia.

In 1932, Mr. Chaid Neme settles in Ocaña, Norte de Santander, opening his fabric and hat store and sees how it gradually becomes a well stocked general store.


In 1937, together with his brother Hares, and with the arrival of mining exploration, they decided to take a step further by expanding their business to machinery spare parts. In the 1940's, witnessing the automotive sector boom, they decided to target their efforts towards this nascent commercial activity and opened stores in Barranquilla and Bogota.


With that same expansion spirit, they decided to venture into the industry and in the early fiifties they founded their first spare parts factories. Later, in 1963, the automotive assembly industry was born in Colombia, and since the beginning, the Neme brothers became part as original equipment suppliers, with parts produced in their factories, envisioning production and marketing of auto parts as the future of an activity of vital importance for the development of the country.


In 1976, Messrs. Hare's and Chaid's bussines continued to grow as they decided to open up to the world by exporting replacement parts. Today. the Group companies export to 32 countries in America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. In the early 1980's, the generational transition began when Nayib Neme joined the bussines with his father Hares who, together with his uncle and close collaborators, introduced new concepts and models for a modern and efficient administration, creating Grupo A and a new organizational structure that remains in force as of today.


In 1993, the new challenges, posed by a globalized market, as well as bilateral and regional agreements led Chaneme Group to expand to the Andean market making its first investments in Ecuador and Venezuela, consolidating strategic alliances in the area and, as of 2005, opening new perspectives in Latin American markets as well as Europe and the East.